The Many Excellent Things You Can Do In St Petersburg Florida

When people think of Tampa Bay, they often think of the city of Tampa, but they often forget that St. Petersburg is right across the bridge. It’s in between the great Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. There are many activities that are water-based. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, or you can get on a boat that will move at high speeds across the water. There are quite a few activities that are both free and paid for, all of which will lead you to having an absolutely exciting time. The following information will make it easy for you to quickly decide on which activities you should consider doing.

The St. Petersburg Private Sunset Cruise

The reason that you should choose this particular excursion that is provided by Sailing Florida Charters is that the boat is absolutely fantastic and you get to travel down the coastline of downtown St. Petersburg for starters. You can watch the color of the water and sky change as the sunset approaches. You will get to see it go directly into the ocean. It is one of those excursions that will be perfect for couples, families, and especially for children that have never been out on the water. Now if you want to do something on land, you ought to go to a park which is a great place for adults and kids.

Sawgrass Lake Park

For burning off a little energy, and also seeing if you gators in a natural setting, this is one of the best places you can go. Although you could travel down to the Everglades, instead of doing that, just take a walk through this park. You can see many beautiful birds, and if you are there in the spring time, all of the flowers are beginning to bloom. You can take friends with you, family members, or you can go alone and still have an excellent time at this beautiful semi tropical destination.

St. Petersburg is a city that is so unique. It is a combination of culture, water sports, and many activities on land. It is designed for people that really want to experience the full gamut of what Florida has to offer, without having to travel to many different destinations. If you would prefer being at a location where you can do all of this and more, you should certainly consider booking your trip for St. Petersburg in the near future.