St Petersburg FL Major News Headlines For This Thursday Afternoon

What about those news headlines in St Petersburg FL? There is always news when you are talking about the 5th ranked city in the Sunshine State in terms of population. This is your time to catch up with the major news of Pinellas County. Have you ever went all day without checking the major news headlines online, only to feel lost when you watch the local news?

The local news will catch you up, too, but here are the major news stories for St Petersburg FL. Currently, there are about 1200 residents in the Bay Area without power. Read further into some of the news headlines, and you will find all kinds of tragedies. But I like how one local news source has a link on their website for reading the good news headlines.

The site actually asks if you are tired of reading about bad news like crime and accidents. So let’s take a look at those good news headlines. For starters, there is a Plasco woman that has been leaving jackets and sweatshirts for homeless people in the area. That is a heartwarming story for sure.

There is also a news story about a baby hippo that was born recently in Animal Kingdom. In other news, a veteran’s dental clinic has opened up for business in Pasco. There is also a good news story that stems from a tragic event. There was a fire at a residence, but a teen saved his relative from the fire.

There are also therapy pigs at Tampa General Hospital that are cheering up kids. There are all kinds of heartwarming stories coming out of St Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area. You just have to look more closely and not get so caught up in the rough headlines. Of course, those are important to know, too, and you can sympathize with and pray for those involved.